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Kehrt Studio-Galleries
Welcome to Kentucky Art. Whether you are an art lover or fellow artisan, we hope you enjoy your visit. Kehrt Studio-Galleries was formed in 1994 by watercolourist Jane Ward Kehrt, and her husband-photographer Joe Marshall Kehrt. We offer Jane's work in many forms. Whether it be a framed original warercolour, giclee' reproduction, tile mural, or a box of note cards,sharing them with you is a privilege. Our goal is to make art affordable, useful, and present it in the most professional way possible.

To view Original Watercolors and Giclee Reproductions in the Art Gallery just click the name of a category and then the image name.to enlarge it. Each image will have the maximum size that that can be printed as a Giclee'.  Since we do our own printing we can use any image and size it to fit your space or need. We also use the images (downsized) for note cards, trivets, tiles, and various other things. 
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